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Andrew Karch is a Software Developer who is proficient in C#, Java, Python, C/C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. He develops web sites, web apps, medical software, and mobile applications. Andrew is also pretty fun at parties.

You can contact him at:

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Vote4Doge - A simple website designed to be lighthearted and silly to keep track and list voting efforts by the dogecoin community. No longer active.

Simple Cashbook Pro - A simple app to keep a real time count of money.

How Many Days Until Star Wars Episode VIII - A simple countdown until Star Wars VIII.

International Space Station Picture Frame - A simple picture frame built around a Raspberry Pi Model B and a PiTFT.

Overwatch Counters - A highly praised A.I. that uses thousands of crowdsouced data points to determine the best team composition for the popular video game Overwatch. Featured on Overwatchly.

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